Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frozen Tundra!!

Yep, my butt is still frozen in SD. As a friend so nicely pointed out tonight I could move to CA where it's warm!! Guess I'm one of the weird people of the world. I don't mind the cold as long as I don't have to be out in it for extended periods of time. Like say Milking cows. Then I wouldn't like it so well...........

I've been crocheting on the Oat Coutoure, Seaside blouse. I'll try to get pictures up soon. I have the back done and starting the front. It's the first thing I've ever crocheted to wear. I've crocheted for years, doilys, dolls, etc but never clothing. So we'll see if it fits when I'm done!!

We had an addition to our "farm family". Our new to us black lab (she came to live with us about 1 1/2 mo ago.) Had puppies in the last two days. We found her last night and sadly only 1 puppy survived. She is pretty young so feel lucky to even have 1 survivor. He is a pretty golden pup. when he gets a little bigger I'll take pictures of him too. Hmmm. I'm thinking a good name would be artic, since he was born during the coldest time of the year!!


Ariel said...

Yep, 84 degrees. I'd love your weather as long as I can wiggle my nose, pop in, and then pop back out.

I think the same thing about cows. I'd probably like to milk them...... for 15 minutes. 15 seconds?

Can't wait to see pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Artic would be the PERFECT name for your Pup!!!