Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Long Overdue!!!

Man, this is long overdue. Life has been hectic, since I last posted, my youngest has graduated.
We had a great day and a great party at home afterwards!!! Congratulations Larissa!!!

Thanks to all our wonderful Family and Friends, the day was a great success. We did miss Nichole and John they could not be here to join in the fun :-( We are looking forward to seeing them in October when Larissa and I take a vacation to visit them in New Haven..

Another big change at our house is the size of our "puppy" Gus.

He loves to chew anything in sight and Loves to eat my plants. I have since given all my plants to my mom and she brought them back to health. I go visit them!! My garden hose is now is 2 pieces instead of one? I thought it got ran over with the mower, nope it was the handy work of Gus!

I haven't gotten alot of knitting or weaving done. I have started a blanket to send along to college with Larissa. I'm only about 1/2 done.

A quick catch up on life at the Milk Ranch!! Yea, we are milking cows too!!