Sunday, February 15, 2009

Can you believe it?????

I had a whole post done and it went somewhere in never land. So here we go again.

First off, I have exciting news from my youngest daughter. She will graduate this year and she has won a state essay contest and received $3000 cash. Yes I said CASH!!! All I have to say is I'm not sure her feet have hit the ground yet. She is one happy camper. Mom and Dad of course instantly said it goes towards college. The only thing she wants to buy is a set of golf clubs. What a way to end your senior year. Way to go Riss!!!

I've been cleaning out some stuff. I sold my spinning wheel this week. It's been sitting in a corner frowning at me for a year, wondering why I made it sit there unused. So I knew that my friends daughter wanted one. I contacted her and made the drop on Saturday. They both (the wheel and Miraha) were smiling ear to ear. She will give her a good home.

I have been weaving some. I put a warp for 2 scarves on. The first is done and the second started. I find the weaving very relaxing. I do however think the knitting machine (matilda)is throwing the loom (Lucy) dirty looks!

Till Next Time