Thursday, November 6, 2008


I'm telling the truth this time!!! The western 1/2 or our state is pretty much at a standstill I'm told. They have closed the interstate from Mitchell to the Wyoming border. Hopefully we won't see that kind of snow but it's really blowing.

What this does, is bring back memories of the ice storm of 2005. We were without power for 8 days. Now that's not alot of fun considering we live on a dairy farm. Being the weenie that I am I went to town the first chance I got and stayed with a friend and went to work!!! I did send home groceries and whiskey, so I got extra points for that!!! We have quite a few milkers in the neighborhood so they would start at one farm help that person milk, move the generator to the next farm and help that person and so on, and so on. The men were totally exhausted but that's what neighbors do for each other in the Dakota's.

So tomorrow morning if it's white here, I'll post a few pictures...... From the inside out of course!

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