Friday, October 10, 2008

I've Done It Again!!!

I'm not sure what comes over me when I see fiber related equipment and supplies in sale ads. It's like a sickness with me. I hear little voices that say "You really need that", "Buy Me!". Does that happen to any of you? I recently asked a group of friends if there was a 12 step program for this? They weren't much help, ENABLERS!!!! So I will soon have a new Knitting machine to add to my room. Man that room is shrinking!!
When the new addition to our family arrives I'll post pictures!!! Hmm now to name the new addition. I have Stella the garter carriage, Sophia the loom, Doodle (current machine) maybe Tillie for the new machine? :-)
Decisions, Decisions. I'm not sure I had this much trouble naming my kids!

1 comment:

Ariel said...

I'm sure the name will come to you the instant you and your new friend start to bond.